You Glow Girl

I took a hiatus from blog writing for a while but I’m happy to be back in the groove. Let’s talk serums. Let me preface this with how I don’t usually like touting one beauty product over others because variety is healthy. For example, I switch up the daily moisturizer I use every few days. Same with serum, eye cream, you name it. For the first time, I have actually gone against this belief. I discovered this product that literally transformed my skin in a matter of days. I wasn’t sure it could be attributed to eating more antioxidant-rich greens (kudos to my new NutriBullet), getting more shut-eye or replacing my daily cup of coffee with matcha green tea. All of those activities are skin-savers, it made sense. It wasn’t until I told my sister her skin looked amazing and asked her what she was doing. “Really? Thanks! Um, I did use the Vichy Idealia Life serum today…you know, the one mom gave us in our stocking,” she said.

I realized right then and there that this product could not go without recognition. Paraben free and packed with skin-correcting molecules, LR2412 and LHA, the serum works deep to correct, tone and brighten skin. And the cherry on top? Tiny gold, iridescent flecks spattered throughout the mixture to give your skin a serious glow. Sometimes I mix it with a little bit of coconut oil for extra effect but it hardly needs the support.

It’s really difficult to part from a product after it has made you consistently feel like a million bucks. No matter how little sleep I get or if I decide to let my diet slip a little over the weekend, the serum has my back. Vichy Idealia Life serum is a true rockstar and the scientists at Vichy should be proud of developing a formula that can roll with the punches of a person’s busy and often stressful lifestyle. I’ll be back to the local CVS for more very soon!

Vichy Idealia Life Serum

Vichy Idealia Life Serum


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