Grown-up Make Believe: Pinterest

In a recent Huffington Post article, Jeanette Cajide, co-founder of the Blurrtt iPhone app, described Pinterest as “therapy” that “affords you a life where you wear an Ellie Saab gown to dinner and it does not matter if you spill ketchup all over yourself because you have a pink Versace gown you can slip into afterwards.” I could not agree with Jeanette more. It’s the virtual, grown-up version of a dollhouse or a collection of beautifully dressed Barbie dolls–a world of make believe and imagination that offers a respite from our everyday realities.

When a friend introduced me to Pinterest about a year ago, it took less than a month for me to be completely hooked! It categorizes my favorite foods, quotes, styles, celebrities, designs, destinations….(the list goes on!) onto one beautiful page. It’s the perfect pit stop after a stressful day or a pastime on a lazy Sunday. Pinterest has inspired everything from what I’m making for dinner to the attractive DIY jewelry hanger residing in my bedroom. It also serves as a platform for businesses large and small to leverage their companies using visual aids. Hats off to the San Fran startup that has truly capitalized on today’s visual culture and at the same time, transported me back to a time when the make believe I loved as a little girl is OK again.


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