Product Overload

I recently cleaned out my medicine cabinet and cache of creams & other beauty products. How in the world did I let it get like this? There were items in there I had barely even used and really didn’t think I’d start to. I’m beginning to wonder that the accumulation of products I had was a result of the crazy amount of product recommendations and promotions out there today. It’s impossible to pick a facial cleanser when they essentially all claim to do the same thing–exfoliate, deep cleanse, moisturize.  Or what about mascara? They all thicken, lengthen and resist flaking. Enough is enough. I’m starting to realize that finding the perfect product you can use everyday is just a matter of trial and error, a very expensive trial & error. Sometimes the things I use the most are the ones I didn’t even seek out, but just happened to pick up. And more and more, I’m going by the motto “Less is more.” The truth is life can be made a bit simpler with just a little Fall cleaning. Here are 5 things I didn’t trash & I know I can’t live without them :

Sephora Pro Powder Brush— A consistent favorite. So large and poofy that it spreads powder evenly and doesn’t chunk it all in one spot on your face

Chanel Chance Eau De Parfum–Bold, musky-sweet and super feminine. I actually went and bought this after smelling it on a friend. Perfect for a night out or dab a little bit on wrists for everyday wear.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion–My mom introduced Cetaphil to me years ago after her dermatologist recommended it. Light and fragrance-free, dab a little bit on a cotton pad and wipe over closed eye as an awesome make-up remover.

Stash Premium Green Tea–Ok, this is technically a beauty product because it does wonders for your skin (not to mention it’s superb cancer-fighting properties). Rich and grassy, green tea is truly an acquired taste. I drink at least two cups a day for a little energy and major health boost. Sometimes I switch it up with Tazo China Green Tea Tips & Great Eastern Sun Haiku Organic Japanese Sencha Green Tea, both equally as satisfying.

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Stick–The ultimate cold-weather fighting, soothing lip balm we all know and love. I can’t go any season without it, especially winter. Also, studies have shown peppermint curbs hunger so reach for it whenever cravings strike


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