Vintage Style

Over the years, I’ve frowned at my mom when she handed me any shoe, piece of jewelry or belt that she wore in high school–it was so “uncool” and half the stuff I usually passed off as hideous. It’s different today–I have a new appreciation for vintage wear because it tells a unique story. My mom’s hand-me-downs make up about 50 percent of my wardrobe, 30 percent include items I wear close to every day.

I never truly realized the beauty of a thrift or vintage store until I became a temporary New Yorker this summer. NYC is a mecca for those hidden shops you would never think to go in. What I enjoy most about these kind of stores  is that they offer pieces that are, again, truly one of kind–I’m probably not going to pass someone else walking down the street wearing the same thing as me (that’s usually a pretty awkward scenario, not going to lie).

I perused stores around where I live in Soho but didn’t find anything.  Recently, I had to run an errand for work and ended up at a vintage store in Midtown that didn’t look too inviting from the outside. But it’s true–looks can be so deceiving. I discovered some comfortable, high-waist jean shorts, a cream yellow skirt and a red clutch for all way cheaper than any Free People, Urban or the like. The feeling I had that day when I left the store was unlike how I usually feel after a shopping excursion–I had a story to tell. Shopping vintage channels your inner creative, adds meaning to your wardrobe and can exceed your expectations. Pictures of my finds coming soon!

My auntie Janice looking looking oh so 60s in a v-neck cropped sweater and long pants. Photo cred: Jessie O’Donnell, thanks cousin Jess!


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