You are What You Eat

It seems like there is a new skin-care product on the market every second. This one is supposed to smooth wrinkles and this one is supposed to help blotchiness. People often flock to the department store counters to get the newest skin cream because they heard it can prevent acne, but I have to wonder if they’ve ever taken into account that their diet is what’s giving them pimples. What you decide to put in your body is manifest in your complexion.

Last month, Dr. Jessica Wu, board-certified dermatologist practicing out of Los Angeles, CA, released her first book titled Feed Your Face. Wu points out that our skin works very much like our digestive system–taking in food, processing nutrients and getting rid of waste.

“For this reason we say it has its own metabolism, and how it functions is directly related to the fuel it receives (i.e., the food you eat),” Wu writes.

The rest of the book is full of helpful tips, including a guide to skin disorders, what foods to eat and not to eat for each h skin condition, menu suggestions, testimonials and food diaries from Hollywood stars and homemade skin-care products. A must-read for anyone who has ever doubted the saying, “You are what you eat.”

Don’t have time to buy or read the book?

Feed your skin, hair, nails + overall health with these power foods (Thank you, WebMD):

-lowfat dairy  (Ever heard of a Greek yogurt facial mask?)

-Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, plums (antioxidant powerhouses!)

-salmon, walnuts, flax seed (what do they all have in common? omega 3’s, those essential fatty acids that make skin plump and healthy. Take two capsules of fish oil twice a day)

-whole-wheat bread and cereals

-green tea (anti-inflammatory properties, may help reduce skin cancer. Gives you a jolt without the jitters–replace the green for your morning java! )

-essential fatty acids (extra virgin olive oil and other cold pressed or expeller pressed oils. Say NO to partially hydrogenated oils!)


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