Toasty Fingers

When you go to school in a practical tundra, a good pair of gloves is essential.  My mom bought me a pair of  incredible mittens about a year ago, and I am addicted. They are the coziest, warmest and most insulated pieces of clothing I’ve ever been graced with. The brainchild of the HotFingers brand, they protect my hands from the harsh effects of the Syracuse wind and cold so much that my hands are sweaty when I take them off after braving -10 degree weather on my walk home from class. As you can guess, it was horrible when I thought I lost them forever. I didn’t even know where my mom bought them, nor was I able to find that exact pair online.

Have you ever gone looking for something only to find something else that you had lost months ago? That’s exactly what happened to me. I lost a pencil case two weeks ago. I had searched everywhere when a teacher suggested I  venture down to the lost and found in the academic building I was convinced I lost it in. I had no idea this place even existed. It was a huge warehouse-like office with papers and boxes scattered on either side. The woman who worked there pulled one of the boxes out from the jammed shelves and said, “This is what came in last week. Sort through it and see if you come up with anything.” There, on the top of the pile, were my black gloves. How did that happen? I lost them months ago. How had someone else not realized how great they were and took them? Regardless, I was overjoyed and my fingers haven’t frozen since.


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