In today’s exploding digital age, information is constantly at our immediate disposal. We have the ability to find out whatever we want whenever we want through our cell phones, our computers, our iPads and yes, the good old morning newspaper. But has information overload made us less cognizant of what we’re reading so that it’s so much easier to tweet something after reading the first few sentences? I admit I’ve done this and I almost felt bad for tweeting something I hadn’t fully grasped the meaning of. When you read something, take a minute to internalize it, think about it, question it, and really let it set in. I challenge every single person who reads this to tweet one or two things a day they found truly inspiring, moving or informative.  Let go of the habit of tweeting something just because “you haven’t tweeted yet today” or “the title looked cool.” Twitter is an excellent social tool and it’s there to spread ideas, values, knowledge, and sometimes joy on a Monday morning. Use it, don’t abuse it.

Take sincere advantage of your freedom of expression:

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