Easy Like Sunday Morning

I’ve never agreed with Lionel Richie’s catchy tune “Easy Like Sunday Morning.” In fact, I consider nothing really easy about Sunday morning except that I usually get to sleep past 9 AM. Sunday is a time for rest but constant worry. The burden of all the things I need to do Monday hangs over my head like a rain cloud–vulnerable and ominous. How come I can’t just live in the moment and enjoy my time off before the week begins in full force?

We live in a world that’s always anticipating the future–market research predictions, horoscopes, the Financial Stock Exchange. Our culture has made it acceptable to always worry about what we’re going to do or where we are going to go next. As a student whose life hinges on deadlines and career plans, it’s extremely hard to live in the present moment.

The other day, my dad asked me what my plans were for after graduation. With all the different paths I could take after college, I didn’t have a definitive answer for him, but why should I? A lot of young adults enter  college with the notion they are going to end up in this job, living in this city with X amount of kids. But our lives rarely turn out how we plan. Rolling with the punches of life often means we have to accept uncertainty and embrace spontaneity.

I read an incredible article a couple months ago in the New York Times magazine about how the 20 somethings today have so many more opportunities open to them at their age than their parents did. I think I should take Mr. Richie’s words to heart and try and treat every day like Sunday morning, to stop worrying about where I’m going to end up tomorrow or two years from now and “be free to know / The things I do are right.”



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